Coronavirus Fear made Flying Beast Issolate : 3 Lessons to learn from Gaurav Taneja

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) :- Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja is one of the finest and popular vlogger on India. Beside being a Youtuber, he is also a Pilot and a fitness trainer.

Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja
Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja hold 2 youtube channel : Fit Muscle Tv (Fitness Channel) and Flying Beast (Vlogging Channel). He has being into fitness since more than a decade and into vlogging just couple of years.

But due to his raw content and simplicity in the video, he has gained a lot of popularity in all age group of public.

Before lockdown, Gaurav was on his profession pilot service in middle of the march before the lockdown took place. And later on, he was at his home in Kanpur quarantined.

But, in the 1st week of April, Gaurav got 102 degree fever; so he decided to stay separated from his family and his daughter. With the world facing a difficult time with the outbreak of Coronavirus even Gaurav had his share of fear.

So he and his wife Ritu got shifted to a single room which was above in their house. This shows how he loves and cares for his family and being precaution taken so that fever or anything like virus should not spread.

Without wasting any time, Gaurav left his place the very next day for the test. But he didn’t fall under the testing criteria as per the government rules. But later Gaurav had a discussion to CMO Kanpur and understood his case and allowed them to take the test. Later, both Gaurav and Ritu gave the test and came back home.

The very next day, ie 10th april, Ritu calls up the hospital for the report and turns out to be negative and made everyone happy.

Hearing this news, all his fans, friends and family were very happy.

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