Tiktok vs Youtube : Carryminati became more aggressive

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : As we all know that Tiktok Vs Youtube Controversy which is going on the youtube india platform since couple of weeks, and everyone wants the “Warrior-Tiggered-Bantai Rapper” aka Carryminati to roast these tiktok.


Where it all Began :

It was began with Elvish Yadav, who uploaded a roasting video against tiktok on this second channel ‘Elvish Yadav Vlogs’ named “Elvish Yadav Roasting Tiktok”.

In this video, he targeted some of the cringe tiktok and made a roast over it. But someone of these got offended and raised a voice over instagram stories saying Elvish Yadav doesn’t have any rights to roast anyone and bla bla bla.

Taking this advantage, another Tiktok named Amir Siddique came in the support of tiktok india and put a video on Instagram IGTV, where he compares tiktok and youtubers.

Later on, for the back fire, Lakshay Chaudhary, Saiman Says, AngryPrash, Samrat Bhai, Deep Crazy and many of them gave they view our this topic in their video.

Even big big youtubers like Mumbiker Nikhil had already a month ago had made a video on the same topic. Check out below :

Recently, Flying Beast made a couple of dedicated video on this same topic, explaining in details about both the platform Tiktok and Youtube.

Lets Come back to the Point :

Looking ahead, everyone wanted Carryminati to make a roast video on this topic, Wherever he was live while playing gaming or on instagram, he got a 1000’s of dm and msges to roast tiktok. So finally, Carryminati took on instagram on 3th may 2020, to announce his next video.

carryminati roast tiktok
Carryminati on IG

Here, we can clearly observe that he has mention Tiktok in some different font and gave a happy news to all his fan clubs.

Later today, Carryminati post below on this youtube community today. Check it out.

carry roast tiktok

By looking at the above image, we can make out 2 points :

  • Since, Tiktok vs Youtube controversy has been coming to an end, Carry might be a little bit angry over it, because his video might take another couple of days to release and till then this drama might get over.
  • 2nd point may be, he is very much angry over some of the tiktok and youtubers, because he didnt get a chance to roast them…hehehhe… just kidding.

Lets see when carryminati will upload his “Tiktok vs Youtube Controversy” video.


Are you excited for it????

Thank You Guys.
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