“Keep Hustling” – Beyounick, A Journey from Bartender to a Youtuber

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Unique content always stands out in any aspect of platform whether its movie, drama or any social media platform like youtube. But we all need to believe in the content and it takes a lot of time to prove it. So it becomes very necessary for the one who creates unique content to have a lot of patience and keep on creating unique content on a regular bases. Similar to very unique content on youtube is our very own BeYouNick aka Nikunj Lotia.

Beyounick aka Nikunj Lotia

As the name goes BeYouNick, his content is always unique each and every time with a small twist at the end of the video which keeps everyone at hold.

Recently, Nick shared his journey from a Bartender to a successful Youtuber with popular online portal Humans of Bombay, where he discussed some one the unknown facts of Nick.

“I was Asked to Leave School”, Nick recalls.

Nick shared this post on his Instagram and told us how it was difficult to reach the position was he is now. Let’s us explain you the post in detailed.

BeYouNick shares his journey

Recalling his struggling days to a leading website, BeYouNick shared his story that his family had to shift from their house in Colaba to a much smaller place, in Dombivli, when he was only 2 years old. His dad’s bussiness occurred some losses and his family had to adjust with this new life with compromises. He had to work until he managed to sustain himself. 

Even, BeYouNick remembers when they had no income and lived on their saving, couldn’t afford his school fees due to which he was asked to leave the school in front of all his classmates. This situation made him feel very much embarrassed.

For the living of life and make sure BeYouNick goes to school and study well, his mom began making Theplas and his brother got it delivered. As years passed, Nick managed to make it into a hotel management college and went on to become a bartender as a side job to earn ₹ 350 per day and later, Nick then moved to Goa where he would work 24/7 to make ends meet. 

However, his parents wanted him back home so he came back and took up a job at a call centre.

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Life Changing Point

At the call centre, one of his friends told him about how he had made money through YouTube. As he was the class clown in his school time, so he gave a shot, so that he could make some extra buck for his living. He then made a YouTube channel called ‘Not so funny’ but was not able to get a breakthrough. No one saw my videos & colleagues made fun of me.

But still Nick continued to make the videos, because it made him happy. Nick then said that one night, when he got his bonus and was drunk, he left his job and swore to never work for anyone again. Adding to the same, Nikunj remarked he later created a new channel ‘Be YouNick’ and posted a video about how guys make fool of themselves to impress women and dozed off.  As he woke up, his video had 1,500 views which got him extremely motivated. He went on to make 40 comedy videos that same year.

Nick also revealed that his parents were supportive and asked him to follow his dreams. He ended the caption by saying that he’s here because of the hustle, and the best advice he can give is “keep hustling; the universe loves a stubborn heart!”  Adding to the same, Nikunj Lotia revealed that doing everything for his family makes him happy.

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