Inspiration turned Role Mode into a Best Friend : MN-MSK Live Video Chat

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : If we speak about vlogging community in india, the most popular name comes to everyone mind none other than Mumbiker Nikhil.

MSK with Mumbiker Nikhil
MSK with Mumbiker Nikhil

If we go beyond Mumbiker Nikhil, we have some few other popular vloggers in India like Flying Beast, Techincal Guruji, MSK, JS Films, Jatt Prabhjot and more.

MSK is one of the most popular who has come up to this level with his pure hardwork, passion and dedication. The story began when, MSK used to watch Mumbiker Nikhil videos and get inspired with his vlogging style. So keeping Mumbiker Nikhil as his inspiration, MSK started off his journey a couple of years ago and now he is one of the top most vlogger in India.

MSK never leaves a chance to meet or speak with his role model Nikhil. And with all the god blessing, MSK and Nikhil are very good friends now. This proves that MSK has shown and he has achieved his success.

Here, due to this Lockdown period, MSK madeup a video with Mumbiker Nikhil on a video chat and discussed on some of the vlogging points.

In this video posted on 6th May, 2020 on MSK channel, we can see both speaking about vlogging in India.

Post-Lockdown Plan :

MN (Mumbiker Nikhil) ask MSK for the Post Lockdown plans to which MSK said “After Lockdown, foremost I have planned for Goa with my bike. I love bike ride very much as well as i love to travel long distance. So that i wont get irritated also”.

But MN has got some different plans. He says,”I have planned for Kerala or else north India Dehradun or any Himachal side, which will be very good location to travel.

Even, MN has given a advise to visit Sikkim and explore the surrounding side. Further he added, it will be very exciting to travel with bike over there.

MSK Compliment MN

Complimenting MN, MSK said”You are a intense rider. I have seen your riding style”. MSK explains Nikhil about his Spiti ride, where he says that he had transported his bike Tiger to Delhi, from there they started their riding. Even he added that sometimes MSK gets irritated if they are not about to reach the destination on time and loses the enjoyment feel. Even, MSK has some plans to go for a North-East trou with his Tiger.

Nikhil has some suggestion to MSK where he says don’t transport your bike, instead you ride your bike, it will be a fabulous ride. so around places to places and you guys can explore a lot.

Tips From MN

  • Using Bluetooth while riding, MN says that it will help you to keep connected with your riders and keep on chating while you are riding.

As the conversation continues, MN says that as soon as the Lock down gets open, he will first all of this friends in Mumbai. Then for the next one week, he will be in mumbai itself and look forward about the situation. Because he don’t want to get stuck in his trip.

Meanwhile, MSK request MN to take his BMW for the next ride. Nikhil will be taking both BWM as well as Tiger both for his next ride. Tiger will be used by wasim.


Alot of people wants MN and MSK to ride together and go for a long ride. MSK puts forward the same question to MN, to which Nikhil said : After Lock-down, they might be some ride tour for Tiger member, and you are a member of it. Hope we can share the same route and ride together.

Each and every time, youtuber get exposed many times unnecessarily. MSK took over this important topic of expose asking MN his own opinion.” Even we are human being, sometimes even we get angry, but we cant to anything”, MN said.

Here, Nikhil shares his point of view from a video of Amitabh Bhachaan. Once SRK meets Amitabh Bhachan, when SRK asks Amitabh, how does he handles all their controversy and all, to which Amithabh said, just join your hands and say namaste, bend and move on.

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Speaking about the growth of vlogging community, MN said, he has been vlogging since a long ago, and all the vlogger include me, MSK, Gaurav Taneja, Technical Guruji, everyone are contributing towards this community and are generation active revenue toward the country. So every one must support, so that we can move forward and take our country to the next level. Even MN hopes to take Vlogging Community in India to take to the next level.

Final word from MSK, “We shall continue our handwork and passion in the similar way, and one day we shall take this vlogging community to the world wide.

Check out this below video for complete :-

Taking From MSK:

  • The way MSK was noticing Nikhil’s advices and experiences. Everyone should learn from MSK.
  • MSK is very down to earth, because of his nature, he has a lot of fans.

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