Dino James New Song Titled “CC : Chamkeele Chooje” in Tiktoker Style

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Dino James is a popular Indian rapper, singer, composer, and lyricist. He has a self-titled youtube channel where he usually uploads music videos and the fact is that most of his songs lyrics are based on his real-life experiences and struggle faced by him.

dino james new song
Dino James

Dino James is one among very few rappers in india who actually understand the meaning of rap and his lyrics connect people.He doesnt know Underground. But, his songs like “Loser” inspires us which is similar to “I am not afraid” of eminem. He has emotions in lyrics and the way he delivers is most noted.

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Dino James vs Tiktokers

On going controversy between Tiktok vs Youtuber, Dino James uploaded a small promo clip of his upcoming new video Titled :Chamkeele Chooje”.
Check Out Below :-

In this video, we can see him discussing about some collaboration with tiktoker, as Dino thinks tiktoker have great fan base. According to all the other songs of Dino, we can come to know that this is going to be a straight forward hardcore DISS towards TIKTOKERS.

CC means : Chamkeele Chooje???

If you know this complete scenario, then you might noted that Tiktoker Amir Siddique spoke about CC saying CC means Copyright Content. Does this title which Dino James have kept, is it sarcasm response to CC.

This song is going to be one of the best asnwer to all the Tiktokers who went against Youtubers and tight slap for all of them. Hope this song will be released soon!!!!

We have some of the interesting comment here from this video :

Tik tok celeb. : don’t underestimate us. We have CC.
DINO: CC -chamkeele chooje

Dino : Knock Knock
Chamkeele chooje: who’s there?
Dino : Tera baap🤙

Dino : how’s the Josh 🔥
Tik Toker : are maa chudi pari hai😂😂😂

Dino James is rising star and will go long and far. While rappers are pouring hefty budget on making videos with babes bottles and cars daaru ladki vodka , this guy is slowly moving up with his videos and talent.

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