What is the story behind Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick Signature Step?

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : When we speak about vlogging culture in India, the first name which comes to our mind is one and only Mumbiker Nikhil. He is the one who started with the vlogging culture in India, before that no one was doing it in India. And check out the below article and find out the story behind “Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick”

Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick
Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick

Nikhil Sharma, a moto-vlogger, who has a YouTube channel by the name “Mumbiker Nikhil”, is one of the most popular and favorite YouTubers in India. At the time of writing, his vlogging channel had over 3 million subscribers. Additionally, the total views across all of his videos are a staggering 600+ million! He was one of the firsts to make moto-vlogging famous in India. 

A Brief Beginning :

Let’s take you back to the beginning. Mumbiker Nikhil, what we call him now, he was just a normal Nikhil Sharma, who was trying to grow in youtube but he had failed a lot many times. After a period of 2 years, people started recognizing his work and the company started approaching him for promotions.

We all are fascinated with the life of mumbiker nikhil.

Story Behind Flying Kick

If you are a true fan of Mumbiker Nikhil and are watching his videos regularly, then definitely we all have come across his famous signature step – Flying Kick. But many of us don’t know about the story behind the Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick.

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Mumbiker Nikhil is a big fan of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. He has been grown up watching Akshay Kumar movies and Nikhil was very fascinated with Akshay Kumar’s flying kick action scene doing in his movie.

And one of his Facebook post he also showed that his kick was inspired by Akshay Kumar.

mumbiker nikhil flying kick
Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick

And that’s why he used the same flying kick in most of his videos that Akshay Kumar used to do. So, that’s the truth of the Mumbiker Nikhil Flying Kick.

Take Away From Mumbiker Nikhil :

Those who are a true fan of Mumbiker Nikhil, this can be a true inspiration which we can take away and prove the whole world. It took a lot of effort, hardwork, passion and dedication to reach this level. But never get lost in the middle of the way.

If you search through the internet or on google about the Akshay Kumar Flying Kick, you will definitely see the similarity between Akshay Kumar and Mumbiker Nikhil.

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