2 M Likes Record Set By CarryMinati Youtube vs Tiktok Video, Trending on Social Media : Is it the End?

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : With the ongoing cold war between Youtuber vs Tiktokers, the more fun was utilized by the fans and the audience. Each and every day, new videos gets uploaded on the same topic by many of the big youtubers, and finally, since few days, all eyes was on Carryminati’s Youtube vs Tiktok video. Carry had a lot of pressure, as his audience and fans had a lot of expectation from his video.

carryminati record
Carryminati Youtube vs Tiktok

And now finally video is out on his channel with Titled “Youtube vs Tiktok : The End”


Only one word for Carryminati Youtube vs Tiktok : This video is Blast.

About the Video :

As soon as this video was uploaded in his channel, his fans and audience went crazy and very happy seeing that video. His video went viral with more than 1.2 crore views within 24 hours on Youtube while #carryminati started trending on Twitter India.

In his 12-minutes video, Carryminati specifically targeted Tiktok community and specially a Tiktok user name Amir Siddique, who earlier tried to roast Youtube Creator for their cringe content through an IG video.

Tiktok, a Chinese video sharing platform, has often been blamed for borderline sexual and vulgar content. Tiktok was banned for a short duration in India after the Madras High Court observed that the app was encouraging pornography and other illicit content.

Record : This video has reached 2 Million likes with in 2 hours.

PS : Carry Minati’s YouTube Vs TikTok Videos Gives Rise to #CarryMinati Meme-Fest on Twitter, Check Funny Jokes


Famous YouTuber Carry Minati has started trending on Twitter thanks to his latest video. Carry Minati uploaded a video about TikTok creators and criticised them. Playing TikTok videos, he gave his funny commentary on each of them. The overall premise of the video is creators on YouTube vs TikTok.

The video has gone so viral on YouTube that it has got over 6 Million+ views in a day. The video has been loved so much so, that people are now making funny memes and jokes on Carry Minati’s video. So much so, that #CarryMinati is the top trend and it has almost given rise to YouTube vs TikTok memes.

Within few hours, Carryminati was treading on tweeter with #carryminati. Check out below :

Many Youtubers replied to Carry’s tweet, congratulation for his blasting video.

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Harsh Beniwal

Rohit Raj

Flying Beast Replied to Rohit Raj Tweet :

To which, Carry replied :

Faisal Khan Tweet on response to Carryminati’s video :

Even Carryminati had a video call with his fellow youtubers : Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal and Amit Bhadana.

All the social media platform was flooded with Carryminati memes and “Youtube vs Tiktok” memes.

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