Carryminati To Go Mundan on 13 Million Likes

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) :- Youtube Vs Tik Tok is a new trend that was started by Aamir Siddiqui. CarryMinati also responded to this with his savage road video. 

carryminati to go mundan
Carryminati to go Mundan

Carry Minati is one of the most popular Youtube creators of this generation. He is known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics on his channel CarryMinati, which has gained over 16+ million subscribers. His fans also seem to be extremely loyal towards the content creator. They never fail to show love and support whenever it is necessary to back up their favourite comedian.

Recently, he made a video called YouTube vs Tik Tok that has gone viral. A number of fans have been sharing the video on their social media that has created a new moment called Youtube Vs TikTok. 

Why Carryminati will go Mundan?

Carryminati’s latest video has being creating new records day by day, and at this moment, this video has more than 10 Million likes on the video.

And the most liked video (Non-Music Video) on youtube is by Mr. Beast, which has almost 12 Million likes. See Below :

Mr.Beast Most Liked Video on Youtube
Mr.Beast Most Liked Video on Youtube

While Carry was live streaming on his second channel CarryIsLive, one of his team ask Carryminati, if this video crosses and becomes the most liked video on youtube, then what he will do?

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Reply to this question, Carryminati made a open announcement on his live stream that he will cut his hairs and become mundan on live. That means, if below video gets more than 13 Million Likes, Carry be cut off his hairs.

Carryminati "Tiktok vs Youtube - The End"
Carryminati “Tiktok vs Youtube – The End”

Right Now, this video is standing close to more than 10 Million likes and hopefully with in few days, it will cross Mr.Beast video and become Most Liked (Non-Music) Video on Youtube.

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