DELETED! CarryMinati’s YouTube vs Tiktok video has been removed from YouTube. Here’s why

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : History was created by 20-year-old Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati, one of the most popular names of Indian YouTube community fetched 16.4 million + views and subscribers on his video called ‘YouTube vs TikTok’. Incase you are living under the rock, a few days back Carry Minati roasted popular TikToker Amir Siddiqui, pointing out that TikTok videos don’t have quality and does not allow to make videos with longer durations. 

carryminati video deleted
Carryminati video deleted

The controversial roast video, which landed CarryMinati the tag of ‘Roast King Of India’ has now been taken down by YouTube itself! 

carryminati roast amir siddique
Carryminati roast amir siddique

The video shows being pulled down over the charges of “violating YouTube’s policy on harrasment and bullying.”

carryminati video deleted from youtube
Youtube deleted Carryminati video

The video before it got removed from YouTube has more than 71 million views and around 10 million likes. The video completed 1 million likes in 2 hours. However, the video is taken down from the platform.

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Reason for Taking Down :

The reason isn’t known but it looks like, the video might be reported by the group targeted in a large number and the YouTube algorithm has removed the video. Later, when the human will check the video, if Ajay wants it to be done, it will be restored.

On other note, CarryMinati also received a lot of backlash for his video. However, later the YouTuber claimed that he was called and threatened by popular TikTok star Faisal, which the latter denied.

While CarryMinati legit earned his moment (in millions) of fame, let’s wait what TikTokers have to say on this!

Twitter Handle Disabled :

Today morning, Carryminati’s Twitter handle was disabled. Check Out below :-

This happens when a mass number of people report the twitter handle and due to which twitter takes it down for sometime and releases it after confirmation from the owner.

Even Mumbiker Nikhil replied on this on his Twitter Handle :-

Even Fans were very much disappointed on this situation :

Thank You Guys.
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[…] Also Read : Carryminati Video Deleted!!! WHY???? […]


[…] Also Read: Carryminati Video Deleted!! WHY??? […]

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