#JusticeForCarry Raises A Storm On Twitter After Roast Video Gets Taken Down By YouTube

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : CarryMinati video being deleted from Youtube has got he fans extremely furious. They have been using #JusticeForCarry in order to support him. See fan reactions

Carryminati vs Amir Siddique
Carryminati vs Amir Siddique

CarryMinati has been one of the most followed celebrities who is popular for his Youtube videos. He has recently uploaded a roast video called Youtube Vs Tik Tok that was taken down due to violating its ‘terms of service’. The video was one of the most trending videos on Youtube.

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After CarryMinati’s video got deleted, a lot of his fans have been furious and have started a trending hashtag, #JusticeForCarry on Twitter. Thousands have been sharing posts expressing that it was not fair that CarryMinati’s efforts would go down the drain after all. Here are some fan tweets on  #JusticeForCarry.


Loyal followers flood Twitter with #JusticeForCarry

The video was all about how a famous Tik Toker, Amir Siddiqui, had compared his work with YouTubers. He took a direct hit on CarryMinati, which led to CarryMinati’s retaliation. CarryMinati’s video brought in millions of views and also doubled his subscriber count in just 2 days. Since the video has been deleted, his fans have been sharing posts with the hashtag #JusticeForCarry.

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They want his video to be back online and it seems that they will not stop until they get what they want. The tweets also show a detailed comparison between Pewdiepie and CarryMinati’s videos to show a similarity between the two. They brought up the point that CarryMinati had uploaded a roast on Tik Tokers while PewDiePie has started a roast against one of the biggest music labels, TSeries. 

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