Amir Siddiqui Call Recording Leaked Against Carryminati, Amir to Diss Carry | Youtube Vs Tik Tok

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : In the current ongoing controversy of tiktok vs youtube, Carryminati’s video was deleted by YouTube for cyberbullying the video crossed 75+ million views and 10+ million likes in which Carryminati’s video had broken many of the wrold records in youtube community but sadly the video went down but the support for carryminati is next level.

Amir Siddiqui Call Recording Leaked
Amir Siddiqui Call Recording Leaked

New Drama : Amir Siddiqui Call Recording Leaked

Now recently tik toker amir Siddiqui ‘s call recording leaked on the internet and its surfing everywhere and almost all the youtubers are making a video on this. In that video, we can see Amir is abusing Carryminati very badly with bad words and also he says he is making a DISSS TRACK against Carryminati and says also give some of the lines of diss track in call recording.

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Check Out Below the Call Recording :

Memers never miss a chance to roast or troll. As soon as this call recording got leaked, memers and Carryminati’s fan already started making fun of amir Siddiqui and meme pages started making meme in this call recording.

But still Carry haven’t responded yet to this call recording and now everyone is waiting for carryminati’s reply for this call recording.

And the main question is “Will Carryminati uploads a new video on this or will he upload diss track against Amir Siddiqui???”

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Hindustani Bhau on Amir Siddiqui :

Hindustani Bhau, as everyone knows him for this popularity, may post a video against the leaked call recording of amir Siddiqui, as Hindustani Bhau showed his support to Carryminati in his recent videos.

Also another breaking news is that Hindustani Bhau also deleted his Tiktok Account which had almost more than 1.5 Million fans in the recent video and also uninstalled Tiktok from his phone and also he informs his fans to uninstall Tiktok and report it.

Conclusion :

  • Everyone is waiting for the Carryminati reply on leaked call recoring of Amir.
  • All are waiting for the diss track from Amir.
  • Will Carryminati reply to this call recording and diss track of Amir?

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