Mr Faisu First Video Becomes ‘The Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video’ : Fastest Dislikes in 48 Hours

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Everyone starts up their new Youtube journey with a hope to entertain the audience and get the love and support from the fans. But here the case is reversed. Mr Faisu got the reverse love and support and bagged the title for ‘The Most Disliked Indian Youtube Video’ in last 49 hours.

Mr Faisu First Video Becomes 'The Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video' : Fastest Dislikes in 48 Hours
Mr Faisu First Video Becomes ‘The Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video’ : Fastest Dislikes in 48 Hours

Can someone expect the 1st-ever video uploaded on their YouTube channel to become ‘The Most Disliked Indian Youtube Video’ And, that too in jsut 48 hours. I guess nobody wants that.

But it comes as a surprise to the TikTok famous celebrity Mr. Faisu, who has recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel under the same name. And it has become the Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video ever.

Mr. Faisu, real name is Faisal Khan, became part of the collateral damage to the ongoing feud between the YouTube vs TikTok community.

The ongoing controversy between Tiktok vs Youtube; Carryminati, the Roast King of India, uploaded a video targetting self-acclaimed social influencer Amir Siddique (Becically, He is a TikToker). This video soon went viral and broke a set of new records nationwide.

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The video has crossed 10+ million likes and was onthe track to become ‘The Most Liked non-Musical Video’ in the world. But suddenly something tragic happened!

That video was pulled down by YouTube officials, justifying it as a cyberbullying and harassment act and misfit to the guidelines of YouTube. This brought outrage among the fans of the Roast King and of the entire YouTube community. 

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Mr. Faisu’s Exploring Shillong – Most Disliked YouTube Video in India

Most Disliked Indian Video on Youtube – Mr.Faisu

Which is the most disliked Indian youtube video? Faisal Khan had just started his YouTube channel and posted his first-ever video on the platform. Soon it was trending #1 on YouTube and it struck as a perfect moment for the people to attack him as part of the YouTube vs TikTok controversy.

Rest, you can see for yourself, the video becomes the Most Hated or Disliked YouTube Video in India. He posted the video Titled “Exploring Shillong | Shoot Diaries | Mr. Faisu”. As of writing this, the video holds over 6 Million views with close to 300K likes against 1 Million Dislikes, that is 15-18% of the audience disliked the video.

And it might cross the limit of dislike, as we can see the heat among th tiktok vs youtube is raising up and up.

UPDATE: It’s official, Exploring Shillong becomes the 1st Indian YouTube Video to Cross 1 Million Dislikes.

It might have taken a toll on Faisal Khan’s emotions because he did not even comment on a single word on the YouTube vs TikTok war. He maintained silence and never participated throughout the drama. Though he might speak about the current incident in the coming days, till then we shall wait and see what he thinks about the situation.

Did he deserve this? What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

The star posted the video on May 14th, 2020 on his channel. It is about exploring Shillong and various other places in the territory. Mr. Faisu goes to the Scotland of the East (Shillong) for his shoot, he went there for the shoot of his song Bewafai starring Musskan Sharma, Aadil K alongside Faisal.

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He visits riverside, countryside and goes high up in the mountains to shoot. Also shoots in the jungle. He is seen doing some tasks, the purpose is not yet clear though.

The video was shot before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the total lockdown in India. The TikTok released the Behind The Scenes or more of a Vlog two days ago on his YouTube channel.

Which Video Previously Held the record for Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video?

It was of none other than the ‘wink girl’ song, Priya Varrier got famous overnight after her wink pose got viral on social media. She appeared in a song Oru Adaar, a rap song release on Sep 20, 2018. And it held the record of Most Disliked YouTube Video in India and will remain as the 2nd most hated video in India. The exact numbers are 940K Dislikes with just 36 Million Views.

Before the appearance of Mr. Faisu Exploring Shillong, the 2nd Most Disliked Indian Video on YouTube was Aankh Maarey, a song from the movie Simba starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan about 621K dislikes. But the video has far more views, 733 Million as of now and about 3.3 Million Likes also.

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Faisal Khan had recently been part of an out-blown controversy, Sonali Vengulkar (YouTuber) alleged that the tiktoker has been making calls to threaten her and could possibly be a threat to her life. He posted reply on his Instagram handle, and denied the allegations made by her and said people are trying to defame him. Read it below:-

The subscriber’s count has crossed half a million number, 502k to be exact, as of writing this. It is a proud moment for Mr. Faisu fans and also his Youtube Channel got verified.

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[…] Also Read :- Mr. Faisu bagged the title ‘Most Disliked Indian Youtube Video’ […]


[…] Also Read : Mr.Faisu – Most Disliked Youtube Video in India […]


[…] Also Read : Mr Faisu First Video Becomes ‘The Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video’  […]


[…] Mr Faisu First Video Becomes ‘The Most Disliked Indian YouTube Video’  […]

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