CarryMinati Gets emotional, Clarifies ‘mithai Ki Dukan’ Comment : ‘Most Liked Indian YouTube Video’ Tag

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : A few days after CarryMinati’s highly-popular YouTube vs TikTok video was taken down from YouTube owing to content violation, Ajay Negar has created a video asking his fans to stop misusing the video for their benefit. Ajay got emotional while talking about the video and sending the message at the same time.

carryminati new video
carryminati new video

The YouTuber expressed his sadness and frustration over the controversy and being clueless about what led to the video being deleted. He added that the comments in the video like ‘mithai ki dukan’ was taken out of context as members of the queer community had lashed out allegedly over the same statement. He asked fans for their support by simply stating that the video should not be misused and taken out of context.

Citing an example, Ajay reminded about his ‘200 mein bikk jaayega’ comment which has now become a popular meme on the internet. Now instead of saying 200, people post images of TikToker Faizu, which has not gone down well with a few. More so, people have been making assumptions about why the video was taken down. One person claimed that the video was taken down because the Moscow government was upset over Negar’s comment on their education system. So, till the time Negar can figure what went wrong with his video that it came under YouTube rule violations, he asked people to keep it low and not make assumptions.

CarryMinati has been a trending topic since he released his video, Youtube Vs Tik Tok. He recently uploaded another video that has broken some records.

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The internet has blown up after it became known that CarryMinati’s YouTube video, Youtube Vs Tik Tok, had been taken down. According to sources, the video was taken down as it did not follow the terms & conditions and citing it as “an act of Cyber Bullying and Harassment”. In response, CarryMinati has recently uploaded a video on his Youtube and social media. Just like his previous video, this too has broken the record of the fastest liked video by getting one million likes in just a single hour of its release. Int he video, he has spoken about his video and the exact reasons why he feels the video has been taken down. Read more to know about CarryMinati and his latest video on Youtube Vs Tik Tok. 

CarryMinati uploads new video

CarryMinati talks about the ongoing scenario and the topic of Youtube Vs Tik Tok that has heated up remarkably. He has not given an explanation for his doings as some people had also considered his answer to be “out of context”. A number of viewers tweeted that he sounds like a bigot and is homophobic for calling Amir Siddiqui a “Beti” frequently. CarryMinati has tried to clear the air by giving an explanation about his deeds. He clears out the air by saying that his words did not mean any harm and were meant in a humorous way without any such intentions. He also mentioned, “stop making assumptions and eventually turning those into facts”. Read more to know about the records his video Youtube Vs Tik Tok has broken. 


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Records broken by CarryMinati’s YouTube vs Tik Tok video:

  1. Most numbers of subscribers gained in 24 hours (1.8 Million)
  2. Fastest Video to Reach 1 million likes (1.5 hr)
  3. Fastest Video to Reach 2 million likes (4 hr)
  4. 2nd Most Liked video around the globe in just the first 24 hours (5.2m)
  5. Most Comments On Video (797k+)
  6. The video also broke records of getting the fastest likes (3m, 4m & 5m Likes)
  7. First and the fastest Indian YouTube video to reach 10 million likes 
  8. CarryMinati also broke the record of getting most subscribers in a single day and also one week.

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After CarryMinati’s video got deleted, a lot of his fans have been furious and have started trending the hashtag, #JusticeForCarry on Twitter. Thousands have been sharing posts expressing that it was not fair that CarryMinati’s efforts would go down the drain after all. They want his video to be back online and it seems that they will not stop until they get what they want.

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