Harsh Beniwal ‘A Day With Cringe TikToker’ Video Out With Hashtag #RoastNahiFryKarunga

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Communtiy) : When the entire world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic and people are locked at their homes. Indian youths are coming forward to entertain people. CarryMinati the famous meme maker and YouTuber has made many videos targeting TikTokers.

harsh beniwal
harsh beniwal roast nahi fry karunga

His last video YouTube Vs TikTok was deleted from YouTube that broke several records made before in the backer of it many YouTubers came ahead to support him and the battle YouTube Vs TikTok has been started and being stretched.

Many YouTubers including Hindustani Babu and Technical Guru Ji standing by CarryMinati and uninstalled the TikTok application. They are not alone many did the same.

Now the new trend is getting viral on cyberspace the hashtag trend #RoastNahiFryKarunga. 

Harsh Beniwal uploaded his new video against Tiktokers yesterday, Since then Harsh Beniwal is trending with his #ROastNahiFryKarunga.
In that video, Harsh has showed the cringe tiktoker, how that make those video and how these platform encourage them to do so.

Even he trolls many of the tiktokers in his video like Amir Siddiqui, another one is that guy who makes joker face. Even he has trolled a gril who told it takes 4 hours to make a tiktok video. We can see the true friendship and love for carryminati which Harsh has show in his video.

Technical Guruji vs Tiktok

A famous YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary is also supporting Carry and uninstalled the Chinese app from his phone in spite of having massive followers and washes his hands with sanitizer. The video of CarryMinati deleted by YouTube, many people appealed to him comeback but Carry burst out his frustration to not come back on YouTube.


Netizens are standing in the support of him. Many jokes and memes are made getting viral on the internet. The battle between YouTube and TikTok is not going to die. It will keep entertaining you.

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