Why Mortal Naman Mathur is Famous?? PUBG: Indian PUBG Mobile Team Soul Mortal’s Talks About Epic Kill, Team & His Journey So Far

AYU Official : The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is the top trending game of 2018. The game has continued the same momentum for this year too.

mortal naman mathur
mortal naman mathur

Over the past few months, there has been a sudden rush in the number of players as well as the popularity of this 1.6 GB mobile game has touched greater heights.

The game has surged the Indian gaming community to new heights. In the wave of PUBG Mobile, various names like SOUL Mortal, 8Bit_Thug, and NOVAKING has come out in the Indian gaming community.

There was a time when nobody knew these names, but, as soon as the intense action gameplay of PUBG Mobile touched the hearts of Indian, these players became popular overnight.

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One such name SOUL MORTAL is the top Indian PUBG Mobile player and streamer. Naman Mathur aka SOUL MORTAL is 22 years old Indian graduate who decided to play PUBG Mobile from the year 2018. Initially, he was a Mini Militia player who used to stream the same on his YouTube channel.

In his latest interview, he talked about his journey, his earlier days, and the time when he decided to choose PUBG Mobile streaming as a full-time career option. Here are a few questions asked to SOUL Mortal during his interview:

“Who is Mortal?”

Soul Mortal is an Indian PUBG Mobile player who is also a YouTube streamer. From the early days of his college life, Mortal decided to stream and engage people – to lift the Indian gaming community to a new level – and to influence people to choose ‘gaming’ as a career option.

“Games Mortal Used to Play in His Earlier Phase”

Soul Mortal used to play PS1, PS2, and other mini-games like Contra, Mario, Dangerous Dave, GTA San Andreas, Counter-Strike etc.

His Youtube career started with mobile game Mini Militia. In 2015, he started playing Mini Militia and simultaneously started doing online streaming for the Mini Militia.

“Mortal’s Family Reacted to his Gaming Hobby”

Like most of the Indian parents, Mortal’s parents were also against his passion for gaming. They believed that gaming would give nothing and advised him to focus on his graduation.

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When Soul Mortal started his career in gaming, he was doing his http://B.Com from the state university. As the syllabus and stress in his graduation were not that high, so he started taking YouTube more seriously.

Why People Are So Connected to PUBG Mobile?”


PUBG Mobile in Smartphones

When the reporter asked Mortal, “Why PUBG Mobile is so famous in India?”, he said:

“I wouldn’t have been there if there was no PUBG Mobile.”

The graphics, intensity, concept, and the excitement of the PUBG Mobile made it so famous in India. According to Soul Mortal, apart from the graphics, the idea of communication – talking in the game with teammates and opponents, is what made it unique in the gaming world.

“As an Indian, we love to talk. When the same concept of communication meets the high graphics and the intensity of the game, it is obvious that the same will grow rapidly in the community”, he added.

When Mortal Realized He Was Good At Gaming

At the beginning of his YouTube career, Soul Mortal used to upload “Tips and Tricks to Excel at PUGB Mobile”.

The same concept influenced people and the gaming skills of this 21 years old boy went viral. His video on teaching people who to get most out of the game got more than 1 Million YouTube views and the same appreciation motivated him to work and start his career as a professional gamer.

mortal famous

Soul Mortal at Rank 3 Asia

InGame Controls Technique of Soul Mortal

When Soul Mortal started playing games like Mini Militia, he was using 3-finger control technique.

At the beginning of him playing mobile games, three-fingers control was his cup of tea. When he jumped into the world of PUBG Mobile, he followed the same control technique.

Initially, he used to play with three fingers but to make his gaming skills more dynamics, he switched to 4-fingers clay technique.

mortal famous

Four Fingers Claw Technique

The continued efforts of Soul Mortal made his technique famous in India and currently, a lot of people are following the same gaming control technique. Soul Mortal quoted:

Playing with 4-fingers control technique is not easy at all. You have to make quick moves with your fingers. When one finger is busy shooting enemies, other one has to be used to move and scope at enemies.

The first SUPERCHAT of Soul Mortal on YouTube

When Mortal started playing PUBG Mobile, he got his first super chat of Rs 40. The super chat came with a message, “Keep going, we are with you. We love your gaming skills.”

The efforts of Soul Mortal made him a celebrity. When he reached 500K subscribers on YouTube, he got a super chat of Rs 10,000 which was his highest super chat at that time.

mortal famous

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[…] Also Read |Why Mortal Naman Mathur is Famous?? PUBG: Indian PUBG Mobile […]


[…] Also Read | Why Mortal Naman Mathur is Famous?? […]

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