20 Million Race – Who will Win? Amit Bhadana or Carryminati

AYU Official : On going war between Tiktok vs Youtube has helped a lot of youtubers to gain a lot of views as well as subscribers. One of the major winner was our Carryminati. Carryminati has around 10.7 Million subscribers count before he uploaded the video on May 8th.

Amit Bhadana vs Carryminati
Amit Bhadana vs Carryminati

As soon as Carryminati uploaded “Tiktok vs Youtube” video, his video broke most of the records (Read Here for More) and helped Carry to gain a lot of subscribers. Now, while writing this article, he has 19 Million subscribers and he is 2nd most subscribed individual channel in India after Amit Bhadana.

Amit Bhadana has a subscribe count of 19.7 Million and recently he has uploaded a video titled “Berozgaar Bachelors” and requested his fans to reach him to 20 Million soon. Even, Amit Bhadana will release a song after 20 Million mark.

About Amit Bhadana :

amit bhadana

Amit Bhadana is having increasing prevalence and incredible talent. Beginning without any preparation he has ended up being a champion among the most famous Indian Viner as of late. Through his allure, he has gotten a wide fan base all over social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Amit began his online profession in 2015 by posting a video to Adele’s tune ‘Hello’ to his Facebook profile. In the wake of getting a helpful response from people on his Adele’s answer video, he made a video on Eminem and that transformed him into an internet sensation. And now his channel has over 19million subscribers! His videos always give the audience a burst of healthy laughter, it is highly appreciable that he chose his local language to be his primary linguistics. Amit Bhadana makes us smile every time but at time nostalgic too, with his YouTube videos too.

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About Carryminati :


On the other, Ajey Nagar has a YouTube channel called CarryMinati. An avid gamer, Nagar posted his first video when he was 10 years old and hasn’t looked back since then. He is known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics on his channel CarryMinati, which has gained over 15.3 million subscribers. His videos are in Hindi, which gives him the advantage of catering to a larger section of the Indian audience.

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Whom do you think will cross 20 Million milestone first?? Comment Below!!!

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