Carryminati New Song “Yalgaar” Trailer Release – Revenge song??

AYU Official : With the removal of Carryminati’s video, it has brought a lot of controversy among the Youtubers and Tiktokers. Besides, his fans were literally hurted very badly for taking down his video which was going to make a world record for the ‘Most Liked Non-Music Video on Youtube in the World’.

carryminati yalgaar song
carryminati yalgaar song

This video takedown by youtube has broken hearts of many fans of carryminati and even Carryminati was colpletely broken down which we could see on his face. But good news is back and its that Carryminati is coming up with another music video titled – “Yalgaar”.

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Without any pre announcemnt, Carry gave a special surprize to all his fans by releasing this trailer yesterday on 24th May 2020.

About the Trailer :

In this trailer, we can see the complete story of how it all started with Tiktok vs Youtube, later Carryminati uploading his video, that video breaking a lot of records and finally that video is taken down by Youtube.

This video depicts how Carryminati has to go through this phase, how it was hard for him to understand the situition.

This video is going to revolve around the story of the Greatest Video which was taken down by youtube without giving any reason. In this video, we can see the other side of Carryminati i.e The Original Ajay Nagar, his expression, his feelings and his emotions.

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“Yalgaar” is going to be full of emotion, feeling and gonna be full of strong punches which will motivate everyone how to face the overcome and struggle hard to achieve which is left over.

About Carryminati :

Ajay Nagar ( carryminati ) is a popular YouTuber known for making roast videos on his YouTube channel. Apart from being a roaster he’s also a good musician, a Rapper and a Gamer.

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