After Fitness and Vlogging, Gaurav Taneja aka ‘Flying Beast’ bags on Gaming to entertain Fans

AYU Official : Fitness has flourished in today’s time by leaps and bounds and the influencers have played an important role by educating health and wellness to the people. Gaurav Taneja aka ‘Flying Beast’ is that popular name on social media who is known for his incredible content about fitness.

Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast New Gaming Channel
Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast New Gaming Channel

He has two YouTube channels named ‘Flying Beast’ and ‘Fit Muscle TV’ which are very distinct from each other. While the former is the channel where he shares vlogs and his daily lifestyle stories, the latter has got the best content about fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition and much more.

He enjoys a crazy fan following in the digital domain. While ‘Flying Beast’ clocks 2.7 million subscribers, ‘Fit Muscle TV’ has got more than 1.41 million subscribers. Gaurav was born on July 9, 1986, in Kanpur and currently, he is staying in Delhi. His wife Ritu and his daughter Kaira have very often appeared in his vlogs which has garnered more than a million views. A pass-out from IIT, Kharagpur, he has been a pilot by profession and is a fitness influencer now. He had begun his workout since his school and like everyone, Salman Khan had been his inspiration to stay fit.

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New Journey as a Gamer :

From fitness to Vlogging to Gaming, Gaurav Taneja has always been into having a change in his life and is key forward for the change into adaptation. As we can see in his videos that Gaurav always tries to experiment with new things.

In his recent video, Gaurav informed his fans that he will be starting with a new gaming channel. For which, he has been pratcing for it since a couple of months passed. Even he said that unless an untill he is perfect, he will not start with it.

Precisely, Gaurav always pushes himself and tries to provide a valuable content to his audience, so this gaming channel will be purely a fun cum entertain channel as he describes in his video.

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The name of his channel is not yet disclosed and Gaurav is planning to launch it very soon by next month. Hope to see, how his fans are going to react seeing our favorite Pilot playing game with his unique commentary.

All the Best for ‘Flying Beast’ Gaurav Taneja!!!!

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