Mr.Faisu’s 1st Vlog – ‘Most Disliked’, Will 2nd Vlog follows the same??

AYU Official : Faisal Shaikh, who is popularly known as Mr. Faisu, is an Indian TikTok star. He is also a model and influencer. The young lad has a huge fan base in the country owing to his funny video clips and lip-sync videos on TikTok. 

Mr.Faisu Bali Vlog
Mr Faisu Bali Vlog

1st Vlog – Disaster :

Mr.Faisu was very much excited to release his 1st video in between the ongoing war between Tiktok vs Youtube, and finally he released his 1st vlog on 14th May, 2020.

His 1st vlog i.e “Shillong Vlog” received a good response with more than 20+ million views in just 1 week. But it stood out to become ‘Most Disliked Video on Youtube’ in India.

As soon as video was uploaded, youtube fans jumped into his video just to hit that dislike button.

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2nd Vlog – Bali Vlog

Recently, 3 days ago, Faisu uploaded another vlog which is ‘Bali Vlog’. Even this video is getting good negative response as we can see this video has crossed 3 Million views with 600k+ dislike.

It’s all about Views and Money :

Whether it positive or negative response, Youtube doesn’t matters unless and untill videos is receiving its views. The more the views, the more the money the youtube channel makes.

So, Mr.Faisu is getting support from both his fans as well as his haters and in fact both there are helping his to earn a lot of money and engagement.

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All the Best for Mr.Faisu for his more upcoming vlogs!!!

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