TikTok Star Amir Siddiqui Is On SALE On OLX For Rs 200!!!

AYU official (Indian Youtube Community) : Controversial TikTok star Amir Siddiqui, who hit the headlines after CarryMinati’s roast in TikTok Vs YouTube video, was put up for sale on OLX for rupees 200!

Amir Siddiqui for Sale on OLX
Amir Siddiqui for Sale on OLX

Controversial TikTok star Amir Siddiqui, hit the headlines a few weeks ago after YouTuber CarryMinati’s roast in his TikTok vs YouTube video. A whole controversy erupted over the video, following which, CarryMinati’s video was taken down by YouTube. Later, Amir’s TikTok account was also suspended due to multiple violations of community guidelines. However, the account was revived, intact with his 3.8 million followers, but Amir has said he won’t be using it until his brother Faizal Siddiqui’s account is also reactivated. Amid all the controversies, Netizens noticed that Amir was put up for sale on OLX!

Netizens pointed out that someone tried selling Amir Siddiqui on OLX for 200 rupees. Amir’s photo showed up in place of the product’s picture and the amount below was rupees 200. People couldn’t believe what they saw and soon memes surfaced on social media, sharing a screenshot of Amir up for sale. While one shared the screengrab and wrote, “Arre is #AmirSiddiqui Ko OLX mein Kon Dal Diya Wo bhi ₹200 mein!! #carryminati #tiktokbanindia #TikTokControversy #AmirSiddiqui #OLX #YoutubeVsTikTok,” another user wrote, “#AmirSiddiqui OLX pe 200 me Bas yahi dkhna reh gaya tha.”

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However, it looks like the ad was later taken down after TikTokers reported on OLX. According to IWM Buzz, OLX team warned the user to remove it, but since the user did not respond, the account was deleted.

Coming back to Amir Siddiqui’s TikTok account being reactivated, Amir told The Times Of India, “Yes, I have got my account back, but I won’t use it until my brother, Faizal’s account is reactivated, too. We will fight it legally because we know we are not wrong. We have proof to substantiate our claims and have full faith in our judiciary. My management team will soon be sending out a press release on the matter.”

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Source : https://www.spotboye.com/trending/trending-news/carryminati-s-nemesis-and-tiktok-star-amir-siddiqui-is-on-sale-on-olx-for-rs-200-memes-surface-bas-yahi-dkhna-reh-gaya-tha/5ecfe876aebd420e5c6d7d8a

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[…] Also Read : TikTok Star Amir Siddiqui Is On SALE On OLX For Rs 200!!! […]


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