Bhuvan Bam Pass Funny Comment on Ashish Chanchlani’s Long Hair, “mera wig vapas kar”

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam are 2 of the most popular youtube and internet icons. They keep on interacting with their audience and keep on engagement with their fans.

bhuvan bam ashish chanchlani long hair
Ashish Chanchlani – Bhuvan Bam

Though fiercely competitive, they share a great rapport, helping each other grow in their craft.

Now, earlier in the day, Ashish shared a picture having long hair and mimicked Bhuvan Bam, saying “subscribe to BB ki Chanchlani sasta John Wick vines.”

Of course, Ashish, as usual was hilarious and he made his fans go ROFL.

Bhuvan Bam pass comment on Ashish Chanchlani
Bhuvan Bam pass comment on Ashish Chanchlani

However, the moment became more legendary when Bhuvan Bam too commented saying, “mera wig vapas kar”.

Well, an epic banter of two epic personalities.

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