Best of CarryMinati – Top 10 videos – Which is Your Fav???

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Ajey Nagar aka ‘Carryminati’ popularly known for his roast content and video game streams on his YouTube channel. Carry rose to an impressive height in the last few years, becoming an Indian Internet sensation and influencer. Ajey grossed many awards for entertaining audiences through roast videos on his YouTube channel.

Carryminati - Top Videos
Carryminati – Top Videos

YouTube sensation Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati turns 21 recently. The Faridabad boy, who is known for his satirical skits and Hindi commentary, began his YouTube channel in 2014. Besides addressing various online topics in his videos, he has also roasted Amir Siddiqui, Deepak Kalal and Dhinchak Pooja. Currently, his channel has 21.6 million subscribers.

Ajey recently become the Most subscribed Individual Creator in India with more than 21M subscribers. Over the years, Carryminati entertained us a whole lot on YouTube. Do you know his Top 10 best videos yet? Let’s explore them.

Here are the top 10 videos of CarryMinati:


TikTok Evolution 2019

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Bye Pewdiepie

No More Single: Valentine Special Feat Rocky

Not A Daring Show ft. Wakar Zaqa

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PUBG India: Real Life Battle Royale

Film The Flare

Heart Broken Kids of TikTok

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MSG: A Natural Disaster

Talented People of Vigo

Which is your favourite CarryMinati video?

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[…] Also Read | Best of CarryMinati – Top 10 videos – Which is Your Fav??? […]


[…] Also Read | Best of CarryMinati – Top 10 videos – Which is Your Fav??? […]

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