Elvish Yadav Roast Kunal Kamra in his New Video

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : At the end of his pervious video, Elvish gave some hint about his new upcoming video which will come on his second youtube channel which will be a roast video and that video will be on Standup comedian Kunal kamra.

Elvish Yadav Roast Kunal Kamra

If you dont know about kunal kamra than you should know that kunal kamra standup comedian. He started performing as a standup comedian in 2013, with a gig at the Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai.

Kunal kamra became much famous when he tried to roast Carry Minati In his Last youtube video. And from that day he was getting trooled got lots of hate and many of them abused on his social media.

In his new video, Elvish roast Kunal Kamra in a very cruel healthy way. He told that Kunal always used Modi, BJP in all of his comedy videos and runs a political agenda in his videos. His so called comedy videos are all copied from the western and makes nonsense meaning.

Check out the video above and comment us with your opinion.

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