Hunny Sharma Youtube Channel ‘HACKED’ by Chinese Hacker

AYU Official : Hunny Sharma is a Indian Youtuber who makes vines and comedy videos on his youtube channel named “Hunny Sharma”. He has over 1.96 Million Subscribers base and has more than 70+ Videos. Recently, his channel got hacked by Chinese hackers.

Hunny Sharma Youtube Channel 'HACKED'
Hunny Sharma Youtube Channel ‘HACKED’

Hunny Sharma has already spoken with the youtube team and there are trying to get back his channel. Hunny Sharma took towards Instagram story and shared this below image :

hunny sharma channel hacked
Hunny Sharma Channel Hacked

After hacking the channel, the hackers changed the Channel name from Hunny Sharma to “McAfee Live”. But they haven’t made any damage to his videos nor uploaded any of the video nor deleted any of the videos.

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This is what is looks now when we visit Hunny Sharma Channel on Youtube :

Hunny Sharma Youtube Channel 'HACKED'
Hunny Sharma Youtube Channel

Swagger Sharma, one of the close friend of Hunny Sharma took to his Youtube Community Tab and shared this information in the support of his friend :

hunny sharma
Hunny Sharma

Hope, Hunny Sharma gets his channel back very soon!!

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