A parody of Marathi song ‘Zingaat’ By Salil Jamdar about nepotism in Bollywood is a social media hit again

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : The tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput has brought back the debate over nepotism in Bollywood. Now, a parody of the Marathi song Zingat from the film Sairat is being widely shared on social media after its criticism of the existing systems in the Hindi film industry.

salil jamdar song on nepotism
Salil Jamdar

An old video from 2018, which talked about nepotism and came out during the release of the movie Dhadak in the same year, has now resurfaced on the Internet.

The spoof video made by YouTube artist Salil Jamdar criticises the entertainment industry only caring about the children of stars. The video starts with a person auditioning for roles but being told that there’s no audition for role of lead actor.

Sharing the video after Rajput’s death, Jamdar wrote: “No one will talk about the projects snatched away from you to make way for those with better ‘connections’. After all, everyone wants to be a part of Bollywood & sucking up to the stars & their kids is the only way in right?”

“Ek aur nayo Starkid, padhaaro mari country ma re,” the song starts on the iconic tune, then talks about what made Sairat stand out, “Almost sadak se actor uthake Sairat 100 crore kamai,” and adds how in the remake they just plastered the baap of all formulas “star kid.”

The song also talks about how, “Raja ke bete ko yahaan paida hote hi Raja maana. Bharat ki janta ka ye obsession bada puraana,” and points out how people are already obsessing over Taimur Ali Khan.

Watch the song below :

Although the video is old and was originally in 2018 during the remake of Sairat in Hindi titled Dhadak. However, the video is being shared on social media again and has over 1.6 million views.

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