Gaurav Taneja Hits 3 Million on Youtube

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Fitness has flourished in today’s time by leaps and bounds and the influencers have played an important role by educating health and wellness to the people. Gaurav Taneja aka ‘Flying Beast’ is that popular name on social media who is known for his incredible content about fitness.

Gaurav Taneja
Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav has two YouTube channels named ‘Flying Beast’ and ‘Fit Muscle TV’ which are very distinct from each other. While the former is the channel where he shares vlogs and his daily lifestyle stories, the latter has got the best content about fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition and much more.

Today, Gaurav’s vlogging channel ‘Flying Beast’ hits 3 million subscribers on youtube. This channel was started on 1st december, 2017.

Recently, couple of months ago, it had crossed 2 million milestone. Due to quality video content, there has been a speed growth of this channel.

Gaurav Taneja hit 3 Million on Yotube
Gaurav Taneja hit 3 Million on Yotube

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Gaurav Taneja posted these below images on his instagram story :

Congratulation to Gaurav Taneja!!!!

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