Meet India’s Fav Prankster Vinay Thakur aka AVRPrank Entertaining with his Videos

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : As the growth of youtube and jio took place by 2016, a lot of people got to access the internet world. Even youtube was one of them which got drastic expanded in India. We could see the numerous birth of Youtube Channel day by day, and one of them was AVRPrank TV which was created in 2016 by Vinay Thakur, and now its one of the Biggest Prank Channel in Youtube (India).

vinay thukar avrprank tv
AVR Prank Channel – Vinay Thakur

Vinay Thakur is a famous Indian YouTuber, TikTok star and social media personality who already has achieved huge popularity through his video blogging. Born on June 7, 1996, the looking handsome YouTuber Thakur mainly works on prank videos.

Vinay Thakur is 22 years old who belongs from Delhi. He completed his graduation from Shaheed Sukhdev college of business studies. Vinay started making Youtube Videos in 2016 and got much hype In the Last 4 Years And have crossed 6 Million Subscribers On Youtube Today. His channel is named AVRpranktv And he is India’s Number one Prankster.

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Famour Videos :

Vinay tried out many prank videos. His videos ‘ kissing Prank India- spin the bottle part 2’ and ‘ Mudke mat dekhna prank series’ became the biggest hit on YouTube.

Kissing Prank India - Spin The Bottle Part 2 | AVRprankTV - YouTube
AVR Prank
Mudke Mat Dekhna Prank | Prank In India By Vinay Thakur ...
AVR Prank

Actor and director Vinay Thakur have been running one of the top YouTube channels which is about to join the ace digital league. His journey has not been an easy one, having to face a lot of hurdles. But he left no stone unturned to make it big.YouTube content creation has always been a task to accomplish having tremendous competition in the market.

AVR Prank TV Bio, Youtube, Vinay Thakur, Age, Wiki, Insta
Vinay Thakua

Apart from Youtube Vinay Is also famous on Instagram And have around 3 Lakh Followers On Instagram where he shares his content with his fans .

avrpranktv hashtag on Twitter
Vinay Thakur with Emraam

Today, he has achieved a commendable position in the digital market world and has some excellent projects in the pipeline.

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