Kal Ka Londa Youtube Channel Hacked or Deleted??? Explained

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Each and every Youtuber work very hard to grow their channel from zero subscribers. Growing a Youtube Channel involves a lot of passion, dedication, patience and a lot of time is required. Similarly, there is a roasting channel named “Kal Ka Londa” owned by Content creator Abhijeet Kanojiya, which got hacked and deleted yesterday.

kal ka londa channel hacked
Kal Ka Londa

Kal Ka Londa is a roasting channel which was started a couple of years ago. In a span of 2 years, it had grown upto 500K + subscribers base with his roasting videos.

Upfortunately, his channel got suspended from Youtube yesterday.

Reason For Suspension :

According to Abhijeet, his channel got hacked and later some sexual content was uploaded on his channel. Due to which, his channel got suspended.

And also he got a mail from Youtube, saying that his channel got suspended because of sexual content uploaded on his channel. Check Below :

kal ka londa
kal ka londa

Speaking about this controversy, he has uploaded a video on his another channel.

Please go and support his new channel!!!

Even, he has uploaded a video on his new channel. Please go and show some support.


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