UIC Poked Mumbiker Nikhil || Controversy Explained

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : A couple of years ago, there was a controversy between UIC (Ur Indian Consumer) vs Mumbiker Nikhil. And all the issue had got sorted out. But, recently UIC poked MN via Twitter again.

uic vs mumbiker nikhil
UIC vs Mumbiker Nikhil

Back to Controversy :

What was the reason for the fight between mumbiker Nikhil and UIC?

Basically what happens is Mumbiker Nikhil and UIC were very good friends and they also made many videos together. But due to some reason, they got separated.

The reason was a protein brand where they both get that brand-sponsored and due to some reason, UIC wasn’t agreed to promote that brand.

But mumbiker nikhil agreed to promote that protein brand in his channel.

Before that UIC tries to convince mumbiker nikhil not to do promotion for certain reasons but he doesn’t agree. So this makes reason make them fight.

I don’t think that if you had an issue regarding the promotion of a brand leads to break up of friendship. Because if you see in mumbiker nikhil earlier vlogs you will get to know that they were good friends.

And made a lot of videos together in UIC home. Now UIC also had 2 channels one vlog channel and another one is the review channel.

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Both were no earning good amount of money from brands and youtube. If they were good friends till now we will get to see more interesting videos and interesting friendship.

But unfortunately, due to brand promotion, their friendship is no more. I don’t think that for a brand someone will fight and break their friendship there must be some other reason for that.

Where mumbiker nikhil doesn’t talk about this he gives some hints on his Instagram and in his vlogs. But UIC gives a statement about that thing.

After that, they didn’t meet each other or they didn’t talk after that.

This was all about the old controversy between the both.

Now, UIC poked Nikhil via Twitter. Read Below :

To this counter attack, Nikhil responded through his video. You can check out the quote which Mumbiker Nikhil puts at the beginning of the video.

Check out below :

Lets see how far this controversy will take both of them.

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[…] Also Read |UIC Poked Mumbiker Nikhil || Controversy Explained […]


[…] Also Read | UIC Poked Mumbiker Nikhil || Controversy Explained […]


[…] Also Read : UIC Poked Mumbiker Nikhil || Controversy Explained […]

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