‘Flying Beast’ Pilot Gaurav Taneja New Gaming Channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’, Hit 100k Subs in 98 Minutes : React on Fake Channels

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Gaurav Taneja, pilot terminated by Air Asia has launched a new gaming channel named- Rasbhari Ke Papa. The first video uploaded on the channel has already clocked more than 1 million views and 500k+ subscribers so far and counting.

Flying Beast - Gaurav Taneja
Flying Beast – Gaurav Taneja

As a part of his Birthday on 9th July, Gaurav Launched his new channel on 8th July at 9PM IST. And requested his fans to reach 100K as soon as possible.

To be kind, he was surpirise to see that within 98 minutes of the channel launch, channel completed 100K.

There was a news that this is the fastest channel to reach 100K+ subscribers in just 98 minutes. Still, Youtube India needs to verify that if this is the fastest 100K+ subscribers on any channel in the world.

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In the first video, he shared with the audience his plan on how he wishes to put up content on the channel. He said that initially there would be three streams a week and based on the response, they would take a call on whether to make it daily.

Check Gaurav Taneja’s Tweet :

Check out the 1st Video uploaded on this channel :

Reaction on Fake Channel :

As soon as channel was launched, 100’s of fake channel with the same name and same video got flooded on the youtube which made difficult for the fans to follow. Reacting to this, Gaurav uploaded a video on his IG story, Check out below :

Happy Birthday Celebretation :

As the age goes on, Taneja is growing becoming young and young. He has come a long way entertaining his fans with all the laugh and enjoyment and love.

A very warm Happy Birthday to the Caption.

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