4 Years of FactTechz on Youtube

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Rajesh Kumar is now the youngest Indian YouTuber to cross 10 million subscribers, at the age of just 19. FactTechz was one of the Top Content Creators of 2017 in India, on YouTube. He is also the first YouTuber in the world to gain more than 1 million subscribers in less than 365 days.


Early Life and Education

FactTechz grew up and spent his childhood in his hometown. His family member consists of Father, mother, and a little sister. And his small sister’s name is Deepeeka Kumar. His parents were very supportive of his career. He has completed his education up to high school. And currently, he is busy on YouTube rather than education.

YouTube Career

Rajesh Kumar (@facttechz) | Twitter

Although he wanted to become a scientist in the future, he was influenced by the technology and networking platform. So, he eventually started a YouTube channel after he completed his CBSC program. So, he created a YouTube channel and a Facebook page on 24 July 2016 at the age of 16.


His first video on YouTube was about ‘5 Amazing facts about planet earth’ which was published on  September 18, 2016. He had One lakh subscribers on 27 January 2017. Similarly, he had 1million subscribers in 16 June 2017. His videos were very informative and science-related. Also, some of his videos are beyond imagination. However, he joins his imagination with science facts. He makes deep research on every video he makes.

Similarly, he got 10 million subscribers on 7 July 2019. Within 3 years and 7 days, he had this much subscribers. This is also the same day when he revealed his face.

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