BeastBoyShub Hits 1 Billion Views on his YT Channel

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Shubham Saini, popularly known as BeastBoyShub is a popular Indian YouTube gamer who uploads gaming highlights of popular pc/mobile/ps4 games. He is the owner of the channel “BeastBoyShub” which has over 3.74 million subscribers as of now.


YouTube Career :

He started his channel on Nov 27, 2015, and his first video was uploaded on 24 September 2016. He uploaded other videos before but he made those videos private. One of his first uploads was a roast video, for which he had got a lot of hate. He had also thought of quitting but he didn’t. 

He hit 1000 subscribers after 1 and a half year of making videos. He uploads mostly gaming content but till he uploaded various types of content. He sometimes uploads vlogs as well (very rarely). He plays a variety of games including PUBG, God of War, LIMBO, Granny and many more. He uploads videos almost every day but sometimes he misses an upload. 

He got famous because his videos are funny and he is a humorous person. Most of the people enjoy watching them. His most popular uploads were his ‘Granny‘ gameplay videos. He hit 100k subscribers in the month of June 2017 and he hit 1 million subscribe at the beginning of 2019. He recently started a new series called “#ForShub”, in which he reacts to the memes made by his subscribers. 

Presently, he is the 4th most subscribed YouTube gamer in India after Dynamo Gaming, Carryminati and MortaL. 

Recently, His channel hit 1 Billion views.

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