UIC alters about Online Scamming

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Prasad Vedpathak, Indian vlogger who is widely known for his Ur IndianConsumer YouTube channel. He has gained popularity there for his unboxings, reviews, and shopping guides for a litany of products, including electronics and menswear.

uic vlog - Prasad Vedpathak
Prasad Vedpathak

A lot of online scamming and hacking is going on internet. People are getting scam by fake mail account, money and important details are geting hacked.

Recently, a lot of Youtube Channel which includes Carryminati’s gaming channel ‘Carry Is Live’, 8Bit Thug Gaming channel and many channels got hacked.

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Speaking about about hacking is done via a email is explained by UIC in the video below :

Recently, UIC got a similar kind of email requesting them to change IG passward. Check below video :

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