Harsh Beniwal vs Youtube – Video Deleted???

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : The proficient Harsh Beniwal is an inhabitant of Delhi, who has marked his YouTube career in recent years. Harsh has keen interests towards theatre and has participated in various plays at an early age of life.

Harsh Beniwal
Harsh Beniwal

Harsh started making and uploading videos through the platform of Instagram first in the year 2013.

He uploaded his first Vine video on his self titled YouTube channel in the year 2015. His videos are based upon his own life, which he uploads in short clips, and in a humorous and unique manner. His number of views and subscribers started growing tremendously as soon as he posted her first vine video.

Harsh Beniwal has started a new channel with the name “Harsh Beniwal 2.0” where he uploads some unique content and game play and has more than 900k+ subscribers,

Recently, Harsh Beniwal received his Silver Play Button from Youtube.

Before dispaching the play button, Youtube allows you to customize the name to be printed on the button.

And Harsh choose to print “Madarchoodo” on his play button.

After receiving this button, Harsh Beniwal made a comedy video against Youtube, which Youtube got offended and deleted his video from his channel.

Check out below :

Recent Update : Later, the video was back after some time.

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