“Who is BINOD?” : Mumbai Police to Tinder, Internet Boards the Binod Meme Train After YouTube Comment Goes Viral

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community): It all started with a video put out by YouTube channel Slayy Point, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami Kawale decided to explore the comments section in one of their videos. Soon their sarcastic take on one such comment gave birth to a meme trend.

Binod Trend
Binod Trend

While its hard to predict the next trend on Twitter, the latest inclusion to the bucket list of jokes is #Binod memes.  The latest trend has left most users perplexed, wondering ‘who this viral Binod is’, while others guessed what the ‘real Binod must be feeling’ — the platform is abuzz with sarcastic jokes and hilarious photo captions.

Binod Trend
Binod Trend

How did it start?

For the uninitiated, it all started with a video put out by YouTube channel Slayy Point, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to explore the comments section in one of their videos dubbing it as “garbage”. In the July 15 video tilted “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD),” they showed their audience the bizarre and crude comments left by YouTube users. They noticed a comment by user Binod Tharu, who just wrote his name “Binod” under the videos, and it quite naturally baffled them.

Why are Binod memes trending?

The creators presented many funny situations when to every question asked, the answer was only one: Binod. Soon, many Indian YouTubers noticed Binod being written all over their comments and it quickly became a trend on the platform. Cut to August, this comment from their video has now caught the attention of many desi meme-makers, so much so that hashtag Binod has become the top trend on Twitter.

Apart from these fun conversations, the Uttar Pradesh immediate assistance portal, Mumbai and Nagpur Police departments too joined the league. However, they took this opportunity to raise awareness about cybersecurity and coronavirus.

The Mumbai police used this to create awareness about cybersecurity. The department in its tweet said, “Dear #binod, we hope your name is not your online password. It’s pretty viral, change it now! #OnlineSafety”

The Uttar Pradesh and Nagpur departments raised awareness about COVID-19. The UP Police took this opportunity to tell people that they need to wear masks. In a skilful throughout the graphic, the police wrote ‘Binod’ in bold capitals and red color. In the subsequent line, they said, “now, since we have your attention” after this line in red color it is written, “please wear a mask”.

Nagpur police too urged people to stay home during these times. The department tweeted, “Dear #binod, we know you have gone very viral, But your safety is important. corona is more famous than you so stay home, stay safe. #SafetyFirst”.

Now, just like people thought everything is cake, desi people are thinking everything is Binod. Check out some of the #Binod memes from Twitter:

Comment section on every social media platforms – pic.twitter.com/MKIJgdCJF7

— Harish (@surkastik) August 7, 2020

Everyone thinking who the hell #binod is?? pic.twitter.com/NKiwNGPfoM

— Shreya Singh (@Shreya_Singh5) August 7, 2020

Binod after seeing his popularity: pic.twitter.com/znRs2AyxXH

— Ritviz Tweeps⚡🚴 (@eklauta_) August 7, 2020

Meanwhile Subtitles…@SlayyPoint #binod #BinodArmy pic.twitter.com/sK9IWtgznm

— ज्ञानी मनुष्य (theMishrAditya) (@IamGyaani) August 7, 2020

click on the picture 👇 pic.twitter.com/qvy2sRbeki

— Robin🚩 🇮🇳🚩 (@robinn_2003) August 7, 2020

Click for full image pic.twitter.com/7oiOcfXNhs

— Rahul Pandey (@rahulpandey89) August 7, 2020

After #binod trending everywhere.
binod be like : pic.twitter.com/5lwO6Ufcmh

— Shyam Agarwal (@agshyam99) August 7, 2020

When someone asks why is this #binod trending : pic.twitter.com/WNdolFXbTs

— Binod Ki Ma Ka Boyfriend (@silver_shades7) August 7, 2020

Boys named #binod entering school be like pic.twitter.com/w7grzgdxpc

— Neeshantt🎭 (@thenishantrana) August 7, 2020

After seeing #binod everywhere, everyone’s mood right now : pic.twitter.com/nO31ObWSU9

— NAMAN (@Pseudopanditt) August 7, 2020

Everyone to #binod:- pic.twitter.com/QBoO5cKkOJ

— Paapi Gudiya😎 (@epic_meme00) August 6, 2020

Nation wants to know!!!! #binod pic.twitter.com/KGiqIJT9Vi

— Rahul Tiwari (@Rahul7_21) August 6, 2020

My timeline right now ~ 😐#binod pic.twitter.com/2T8sdpkQ45

— Ritika Sharma🥀 (@nihayati_lazy) August 6, 2020

Everywhere I go I see his name😕 pic.twitter.com/Wtmbxpclvo

— Pihu (@PritiMhatre6) August 6, 2020

#binod talking about @SlayyPoint : pic.twitter.com/P0b0XMJWch

— Marwadi Memer (@Memecreato) August 6, 2020

I found the real picture of #binod pic.twitter.com/mswhEsMCAI

— The Engineer Bro (@theengineerbroo) August 6, 2020

#binod keeps trending on twitter ,,
and his name on rest social media.

Meanwhile #binod : pic.twitter.com/pUOBb9iv10

— आह्म ब्रह्मास्मि (@aahmm_brahmasmI) August 6, 2020

FIXED IT!!! #binod pic.twitter.com/VP0QQuKCN9

— HarAnuragBasuNahiHota (@Anu_rag_Singh_) August 6, 2020

Me seeing #binod trending: pic.twitter.com/dnuthGMLSA

— Confettis&love (@TheDivaaaaaa) August 6, 2020

#binod is now trending on Twitter*

Le memers be like:- pic.twitter.com/6nNIXLApoi

— H I M A N S H U 💥 (@broken_kundan_) August 6, 2020

Binod for PM – 2024!
Binod for US President – 2028!
Next big thing in bollywood: BINOD!
Who’ll lift this years IPL trophy? BINOD

संसार के हर प्रशन का उत्तर – #binod
हर कष्ट का निवारण – #binod
धन्य है @SlayyPoint जो हमें “BINOD” से अवगत कराया। pic.twitter.com/A4MFwkqclY

— A Silly Point (@a_sillypoint) August 6, 2020

However, before Binod memes took Twitter by storm, it created a big buzz on Reddit, where a special sub-Reddit group has been made dedicated for such memes.

And acknowledging the overwhelming success, the YouTubers changed the description of their account saying, “Founder of BINOD”, welcoming members of “Binod Army”.

Binod Trend
Binod Trend

Source : https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-in-india/binod-memes-slayy-point-youtube-comment-6544098/

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