Popular Instagram Duo Abhi&Niyu – 5 Tips To Seal The Content Making Deal

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Before you decide to give up, ask yourself why you held so long? That will keep you motivated. Popular Instagram duo Abhi&Niyu gives us five tips to seal the content making deal.

Abhi and Niyu
Abhi and Niyu

Content creators Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve from Abhi and Niyu on Instagram and other social media platforms are a dynamic duo who has been actively making content highlighting the significance of India and the current affairs surrounding the country.

5 Tips :

1. Consistency.

You may not have the perfect blog, vlog, photo, or video on the first day. Do not give up after the first 5, 10, or even 15 videos. You need to consistently put out content for the algorithms to pick up. 

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2. Do not expect perfection.

The journey of content creation is a long one. Give yourself the space to improve. 

3. Never stop learning.

As creators, we can hit a dead-end in terms of what we do. That’s why it’s important to keep learning. Watch videos related to your craft, read, listen to different podcasts to get perspective. Use the chance to upgrade yourself. 

With over 708K followers on Instagram and hot takes on current topics,  Abhi&Niyu are riding the social media w

4. Focus on your content, aesthetics will follow.

The one thing we’ve personally learned from staying at home is that our content matters more than the aesthetics. That being said, if you’re a photographer, aesthetics, lighting, and composition are of topmost priority. Creating content from home is a good way of keeping costs low. 

5. Stay true to yourself.

Your personality and voice matter when it comes to creating content and bonding with your audience. Most of these tips have to deal with mental strategies, self-improvement, and expression. 

Abhi and Niyu on their Creative Process & Jobs - #SalmanNeedsAJob E06 -  YouTube
Abhi and Niyu

While the content world is changing, what one often fails to realise is that you don't have to jump on a bandwagon because something is popular online. Have your niche and find an audience for it. If you’re considering putting out content, go for it. Give yourself a chance. If you don’t give yourself a chance, then who will? Invest in yourself and it will always pay off. 

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