Ghost Rider Indian Version Ft. Mr Indian Hacker – Tried On Bajaj Pulsar By Putting It On Fire – See How Dangerous It Is!

AYU Official : Remember Nicolas Cage in the 2007 fantasy movie Ghost Rider? In that movie, the actor Nicolas is shown as a character based on Marvel Comics. Apart from some mind-blowing stunts in the movie, the actor uses a cruiser bike that starts to literally burn and engulfed in flames when he turns into the Ghost Rider and those are the scenes that most of us remember. Well, here is a vlogger who has tried to recreate the same bike in India and we must say that you should not even think of doing such an act without proper help from experts.

Indeed, the internet is a wonderful place where you can learn how to do just about anything. No matter how crazy it may seem, you’re bound to find someone trying it out, and posting a video of their misadventures on YouTube. Such is the case with nine-million-subscriber-strong YouTuber from India, Mr. Indian Hacker. In a viral video posted on Friday which has gained more than three million views as of this writing, Mr. Indian Hacker attempts to create a real life Ghost Rider bike. 

For those who don’t know who Ghost Rider is (I mean seriously, how can you not know who he is?), he’s a Marvel superhero portrayed in the cinematic world by Nicolas Cage. One of his most defining attributes apart from the fact that he turns into a skeleton with a flaming mohawk, is of course his motorcycle with its well known wheels-on-fire motif. Of course, with the help of modern CGI, this effect is pulled off pretty convincingly with no actors or motorcycles getting hurt in the process. But for Mr. Indian Hacker, things didn’t go quite as smoothly. 

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These guys tried making an Indianized version of Ghost Rider by putting the tyres of a Bajaj Pulsar 220F on fire. See how ugly it turns out!

Growing up, we all have fancied the Ghost Rider movie. A regular hog that turns into a fire-spitting motorcycle by the night and ridden by a glowing ghost was hell lot of exciting. We always have wondered if this could actually happen on a bike. Here’s an example of how it works in real-world conditions on a Bajaj Pulsar but is highly dangerous.

First of all, do not try this at all! Not even at home or not even in controlled conditions! Now to explain the video, these guys thought of using their old Bajaj Pulsar 220F for this stunt. In the start itself, the Youtuber says that the bike might actually be damaged beyond repair. Worse, it could blast off injuring everyone involved in the video.

What the Youtuber does it that he covers both the wheels of the Pulsar with a black cloth and then puts petrol on it. After that he lights the bike on fire and starts running it. In just a couple of seconds, you can see that the intensity of the fire increases. The passengers on the bike are forced to leave it and take a jump on the road.

Real Life Ghost Rider Bike Fail

I mean, seriously, how else would this experiment have ended? I’d go as far as saying that these two guys are pretty lucky to walk away with their skin intact—not to mention the fact that not a single piece of protective equipment was used in this stunt. There weren’t even any fire extinguishers around to put the fire out, and buckets of water had to be thrown onto the bike to gradually put the fire out. I guess the moral of the story here is that CGI exists for a reason, and it’s undoubtedly safer for man, machine, and environment, than actually setting a motorcycle on fire. 

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They then try to extinguish it now that the bike is on fire for a good minute or so. While they are able to dose out the fire, you can see many spots on the exhaust, tyres and engine casing as well. Luckily the bike starts again after a couple of times and you can see one of the guys riding it away.

This is definitely very dangerous as many incidents could have happened if something went wrong. If and if the fire had reached deep into the exhaust or engine, both could have blasted the bike. To clarify, the movie Ghost Rider had a hog running on fire which is purely graphical and fictional. You can’t do that in real life!

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