After Scout, Mortal Gets Hate for Playing FREE FIRE

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community): Pubg has been the best game for many of the gaming community till now. Since ban on Pubg Game has made a lot of streamer and gamers to shift to some other game play like Free Fire and more.

mortal gets hate
Mortal Gets Hate

When gaming comes to your mind, the one and formost name comes in your mind is Mortal. Mortal has been one of the most successful gamer and streamer in Indian Gaming Community.

But there was a beef war against Pubg and Free Fire in India since a long back. Pubg players promoted Pubg and even didn’t care for Free Fire.

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After Pubg ban, Mortal tried to move on with many games. Recently, Mortal tried to stream Free Fire on his channel and he got very much Hate response in his video. You can see the Like-Dislike ratio below.

Mortal Playing Free Fire
Mortal Playing Free Fire

Sometime later, Mortal made this video private and uploaded a highlights video of the same and deactivated the Like-Dislike Button.

Mortal Playing Free Fire
Mortal Playing Free Fire

What do you think about the Hate Pubg Players are getting for playing different game???

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