5 Reasons : Why ‘Ajnabee’ is a Super-Hit Song

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Social media sensation Bhuvan Bam has released his sixth single on YouTube.

bhuvan bam ajnabee
Bhuvan Bam Songs

Bhuvan, known for his BB Ki Vines, is a multitalented artist. His latest song Ajnabee garnered over 500k views within a few hours on YouTube. The song is written, sung and composed by Bhuvan Bam itself.

The song is currently going viral and has climbed to number 1 on India’s iTunes chart. The video is highly appreciated and loved by the audience. Watch the video!

5 Reason Why Bhuvan Bam’s “Ajnabee” is a SUPER HIT!!!

1. Outstanding Music

The start of the song with the slow back to 80’s music and mixing it with the present, music director has done a fabulous job. People can feel the vibes of both 80’s and present moment in the song.

2. Authentic Performances

Performances wise, BB is always a step ahead and complimenting this song even Apoorva Arora along with other actors has done a great contribution for the victory of this song.

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3. Great Storyline.

Starting with present moment and switched back and fore to 80’s with the prefect essence of the combination of both the era, is all because of the man behind the camera.

4. Original Lyrics.

These days, where almost all the songs are being remixed, Bhuvan Bam believe in original content. The lyrics of this song is very original and is written by him itself.

5. Fashion Inspiration : Back to 80’s

There is no where we can find any of the mistake nor any negative. The team has worked very hard to get this right out in a prefect manner.

While talking to a news daily Bhuvan stated that he cannot believe the song went straight to number one. Bhuvan added that he is grateful and also excited and overwhelmed. Bhuvan believes that music is his passion and he is always humming tunes. Bhuvan reportedly wished to write a non-toxic love story that was left incomplete due to unavoidable circumstances, but not on a bitter note. He also stated that in today’s world, almost every relationship ends on a toxic route and he tried to reimagine it through the song. 

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