Alpha Clasher, First Gamer endorsing brand on Indian Prime Time Television during IPL 2020

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Pratik Jogiya aka Alpha clasher becomes the first Youtube gamer to be showcased on a TV commercial during IPL 2020. Alpha clasher is one of the best youtuber in India who streams fun and interactive games with a heavy dose of entertainment. He is full of energy and has a funny persona in his streams. He also makes Video On Demand content based on his daily life routine and any other events in general such as vacation vlogs. His favourite esports game to stream is PUBG but post PUBG ban he has been playing other games like Among Us, GTA 5 and COD Mobile.

ALpha Clasher
ALpha Clasher

Pratik is part of Ebuillit Gaming India, which is the one of India’s biggest network of gaming and esports influencers.

Pratik became India’s first YouTube gamer to be showcased on a TV commercial with a non-endemic brand in IPL 2020.

Gaming seems to be going main stream as Pratik, a gamer with 1.5 Million subscribers on youtube is now starring in a Nissin Cup Noodles app.
Cup noodles are go to food for gamers, the ease of preparation along with the convenience to eat while playing has established cup noodles for gamers.

The advertisement can be viewed during IPL games in between breaks, it is also available on Hydra’s official youtube channel.

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