Gamer Ujjwal Chaurasia Crosses Over 10 Million Subscribers in Just Three Years

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community): The gaming industry has witnessed a boom in the past couple of years. The credit goes to the technologically advanced and interactive gaming experience many companies are delivering.

Techno Gamerz  AKA Ujjwal Chaurasia - 10 Million Subscribers
Techno Gamerz AKA Ujjwal Chaurasia – 10 Million Subscribers

Delhi-based gaming YouTube content creator and streamer Mr. Ujjwal Chaurasia, mostly known by his online name Techno Gamerz or Ujjwal Gamer, has created a new milestone by becoming one of the few Indian gamers who have more than 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel Techno Gamerz in just a short span of three years.

Early Life :

Ujjwal started playing online games at an early age. The first video game he played was “Snowbros” which he used to play at his brother’s house and after some time he started playing GTA: Vice City which made him fall in love with the online games.

He started gaming on his elder brother’s mobile phone which was a Nokia 5 and started his first channel by his name ‘Ujjwal Chaurasia’. He started recording his gaming sessions and uploading them on his channel. Initially, he would get 200-300 views in 2 months and the views kept growing gradually. His elder brother encouraged him to concentrate more on his Youtube channel.

At the age of 15, Ujjwal started his channel “Techno Gamerz” in 2017 which was about technology and gaming videos as well. Initially started posting tutorial videos and was promoting his channel via various groups on Facebook and Whatsapp. He gained 1000 subscribers in the initial years and was still using his elder brother’s phone.

Mr. Chaurasia, who is managed by India’s cloud-based, self-serving influencer marketing platform OpraahFx, created the channel in the summers of 2017 when he was in 11th standard. He used to play every type of games and uploaded them on YouTube. Since this was the time when online gaming was booming as a career option, he gained 1000subscribers in just five months-time span.

The 18-year-old gamer would like to give credit to his elder brother Ankit, who suggested him to start a YouTube channel seeing his fondness and knowledge towards gaming. In the beginning, Mr. Chaurasia used to upload only recorded gameplay videos but gradually he understood everything and started voice over with his own videos.

“It’s such an exciting journey for me from four-five subscribers to 10 million subscribers. When I started off I didn’t have my own phone and I used to play games in my brother’s phone. He only gave me the idea of starting my own YouTube channel. Initially, I used to upload only recorded gameplay videos due to which I was not getting traction and subscribers in my channel. Though that was also the time I was preparing for my higher secondary exams, as soon as my exams got over I fully focused on YouTube and uploaded videos regulary on my channel. Today, I have one more channel by the name of ‘Ujjwal’ and it also has three million subscribers,” said Mr. Chaurasia.

OpraahFx CEO Pranav Panpalia said, “Our network consists of about over 10,000+ influencers in different niches. Creators are the new celebrities whom people follow, they have an active fan following and are a subject matter expert in a given industry. Consumers trust these influencers more than advertisements or as we call it #wordofmouthonsteroids. We are elated and proud that we manage Mr. Ujjwal Chaurasia, who has bagged laurels in such a small age. We salute his hardwork and dedication.”

Belonging to an entrepreneur family, Mr. Chaurasia is the first one in the clan to have a career in online gaming. It was not a cakewalk for him to convince his parents but seeing his dedication and hardwork his parents also agreed to his choice. He is now learning all computer languages and created a niche by his unique style of commentary during the gameplay.

“My priority has always been to entertain the audience while playing games like GTA, Minecraft and I try to deliver unique and fresh content with each episode. They like my content because of my commentary and gameplay. I do full desi commentary in all my videos including very cool desi dialogues,” Mr. Chaurasia added.

In the nearby future, he wants to create a big eSports clan and quite upbeat about starting a new vlogging platform.

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