“BINOD” Is India’s Top Tweeted Meme of 2020

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community): Remember BINOD? Yes, the man who commented his own name in one of the most unrelated videos and was featured in a ‘Slayy Point’ video that trolled illogical comments. Well, we did enjoy the wave of BINOD memes and jokes that flooded the internet, but turns out it became the most tweeted meme on Twitter, according to Twitter’s year-end analysis!

Binod - Twitter Trending 2020
Binod – Twitter Trending 2020

BINOD became the most tweeted meme on Twitter India in 2020. Now this meme is literally nothing. Even the story behind this meme is so direct that it almost feels ridiculously funny as to why it became such a famous trend.

It started with YouTube channel Slayy Point posted a video. The title was “Why Indian Comments Section is garbage.” This included comment sections of various famous YouTube videos and channels. There was one particular comment that was included in every popular video. Some guy by the name Binod Tharu kept commenting “Binod” under these videos.

This somehow became famous among people and people started commenting, Binod under all the videos and livestreams. There were various memes and jokes made with Binod.

Binod - Twitter Trending in India 2020
Binod – Twitter Trending in India 2020

Even Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Tinder, Airtel, Disney+Hotstar, Swiggy and Mumbai Police joined this trend. Netflix used Binod to promote their shows, Paytm changed their username to Binod for a while and Mumbai police used this as a way to spread awareness on online frauds and crimes.

Never thought a simple comment on a random Youtube video would spark such funny inspiration among the Indians.

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