AYU Community (Indin Youtube Community): The YouTube celebrity turned professional boxer will be a guest of Sami Zayn. YouTube celebrity Logan Paul will be making an appearance on WWE’s SmackDown next week, as wrestler Sami Zayn’s guest.

Logan Paul

The internet personality will attend Zayn’s documentary premiere, however it is not clear what his involvement will be on the wrestling show.

His appearance will come as another part of his activity as he blurs sport and entertainment. He has taken part in one professional and one exhibition boxing fight, both against fellow YouTube celebrity KSI.

He was also due to fight boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in February but the event was put on hold indefinitely, in part because coronavirus restrictions meant any event would not be able to let fans in, reducing the amount of money that might be made.

Paul’s brother Jake will be fighting retired UFC athlete Ben Askren on 17 April in his own event, with a press conference on Friday spilling over into a physical confrontation.

Meanwhile Zayn will face Kevin Owens as part of WrestleMania 37 on April 11.

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